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Utilize certified technicians to gain insight to potential new purchases. Get a complete report on an item’s current condition before you buy.

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Inspect & Get Paid

Be your own boss and make some money performing inspections for customers looking to buy. The process is simple: perform inspection, send report, discuss with customer, and get paid.

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Confidence for buyers and sellers alike.

Utilize IronSight Inspection’s  process to gain more insight to potential purchases or trade-ins. Knowing more can help you close a sale or make a fair valuation of equipment. Simply add our banners and mention our website and app.

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Inspections on Demand

From Certified Technicians.

We provide a reliable inspection process for potential equipment purchases.

Buying from a distance? Ensure equipment meets your expectations before purchasing.

IronSight Inspection connects farmers, ranchers, and others to highly qualified mechanics. Gain the information you need to make a sound decision on your potential purchases.

Users utilize our platform as an on-demand resource to find a certified technician to inspect ag equipment and heavy machinery of all kinds.

Get connected with certified techs in the area that you are searching to buy either locally or states away.

Our tech based platform provides an easy to use customer experience with advanced algorithms and an unparalleled commitment to inspection excellence. We deliver a true on-demand experience that leads the industry as the first of it’s kind on the market.

Protect your time and investment and put the IronSight on your next equipment purchase with IronSight Inspection.

Here’s how it works:

Search. Hire. Report. Answers.

Buyers gain peace of mind that they’re making a sound, smart purchase –gaining equipment that will work like it should, when it’s needed most.

The Need

A buyer finds a tractor or large piece of equipment that’s located locally or across the country. It’s what they need, but they also want to know it’s mechanically sound before investing.


IronSight Inspections connects you with a local, highly qualified mechanic. The buyer and mechanic discuss a fee before the job is done, and payment is fulfilled through IronSight Inspection.


The buyer books an inspection through IronSight Inspection with the mechanic. Keep the process simple and streamlined. Ensure payment through our secure platform.


Next, mechanics provide a report to buyers, giving a detailed list of how the item performs, or any repairs that may arise. The mechanic is a third party, and with their reputation on the line, they’ll dig in deep to ensure all machinery is working like it should.


From there, buyers can negotiate, purchase, or pass on the item for sale, knowing that they made a well informed decision.

Ready to learn more?

Explore our solution.

Customers - Get An Inspection

Search. Hire. Report. Answers.

IronSight Inspection helps provide peace of mind when you’re looking to invest in an equipment purchase. By having a certified, third-party, technician review your potential purchase you can receive a detailed report on the equipment’s current mechanical status before you purchase.

Connecting with a certified technician to perform an inspection before purchase can save you time and money. You get a detailed report from the technician to help you make a smart and informed decision on your purchase which gets you back to work without any extra hassle.

Ready to get started? Find a qualified technician in the location of your choice by clicking the link to learn more and download the mobile app below.

Technicians - Inspect using the app

Set your own hours.
Earn on your own terms.

As an inspector you can share that you have the best boss in town: you.

Through IronSight Inspection’s mobile platform, you can choose the times and locations that work for you all while making some extra cash.

IronSight Inspection connects you with buyers who want to learn more about the condition of their potential purchase. Our platform makes it easy to connect, schedule, and send reports to customers who are looking for technicians to help them make sound decisions on their investments. We are your go-to source for providing buyers with top-rate insight to tractors, implements, heavy machinery, and more before they buy. You make connections and earn a spot as a top-rated technician in your field and beyond.

Ready to make your own schedule? Download the app to get started today!

Businesses - Market the App

Increase Sales with
Certified Inspectors.

IronSight Inspection can support businesses in multiple ways. Looking to make a deal on a trade-in from a distance? Want to give your customers confidence in their purchase? Whether you’re a sales location, auction company, or a service center, you can utilize this platform to provide peace of mind for you and your customers.

To learn more about connecting with IronSight Inspection or to connect with local technicians, click “Learn More” below.


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