Dealing from a distance?

Provide confidence for you and your customers.

IronSight Inspection can support businesses in multiple ways. Looking to make a deal on a trade-in from a distance? Want to give your customers confidence in their purchase? Whether you’re a sales location, auction company, or a service center, you can utilize this platform to provide peace of mind for you and your customers.

Book inspections for your potential purchases or trade-ins and know more about what you’re looking at. Make better valuations on trade-ins or purchases. Encourage customers to utilize our platform to ensure confidence in their purchase which in turn, helps you close the sale. They feel they have a way to make an informed decision and you can confidently sell the piece of equipment knowing it’s right for the customer.

Our Mobile App is now live for download! Click the “Get Started” button to check out our mobile apps and test out for yourself. To add a link to your website for customers to download the mobile app to help increase sales by providing a trusted third-party inspection report, simply copy the Mobile App links below and paste onto your website to get started today!

Benefits of Utilizing the

IronSight Inspection App

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Certified Inspectors

Verified and Certified inspectors in the local area of the inspection needed.

Peace of Mind

Give clients peace of mind knowing that what they are looking to purchase is good for them.

Helps Clients Save Money

Clients will know before they buy what is wrong, what to expect, and how much to pay.

Fit Everyone's Schedule

The Client hires the inspector they need when they need it done all on their own time.

Full Reports

Showing what was found, the condition, and provide you with an idea of what to expect.

Live Chat and Calls

Connects clients with an inspector through the mobile app to ask questions and get answers.

Draw bigger bids

With more information to make a formal decisions, client bids can increase.

Notifications and Alerts

Everyone is notified with messages, chats, calls, reports and more to stay connected.

Increase Potential Customer Base

Reach potential customers across the country that can't make the drive to inspect it themselves or are on the fence about a purchase since they don't have "feet on the ground".

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Our App FAQ's

Our Most
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions that we get…

Is the App free?

Yes, the app is free to download. You will only be billed if you make a payment and/or transaction through the app. 

Is my information safe?

Yes, we utilize the highest standards for securing user data and processing information through secure partner channels.

Who is performing the inspections?

We only work with certified technicians in the field and you work with only those you choose to work with through our network of local technicians.

What all do I get in the report?

You will get a complete report of all of the essentials needed in an inspection as much as what the inspector can or is allow to inspect. Please note some auction, sales, etc. have varying limits to what all can be inspected before purchase. Each of our technicians we work with will supply you with the most information that is possible.